I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks for your exceptional work on the Flame Capture Ceremony. Your skill and commitment were invaluable to the delivery of this project. The show was a huge success and we’ve had an overwhelming response from everyone who was present on the night. You worked with dedication and professionalism to deliver what was a truly amazing event. I am extremely proud of what we achieved and it clearly would not have been possible without you. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Catherine Ugwu, Director of Ceremonies. Baku 1st European Games

Land of Giants was epic in scale, originality, spectacular vision and beautiful detail. Mark Murphy’s artistic leadership made this not just a massive hit for Belfast but for London 2O12 Festival also.

Ruth Mackenzie, Head Of The London 2012 Cultural Olympiad

By embedding himself in the local community, Mark Murphy built this amazing show from the ground up and achieved that rare combination of giving all involved a voice, a sincerely valued contribution and at the same time created a world class show.

Moira Swinbank, CEO The Legacy Trust Uk

I just wanted to say a big thanks to you for delivering such an amazing experience last night. You created a production which moved, inspired and informed those of us watching and listening. You also you created something which I believe could be owned by all those watching from all communities – that is no mean feat. There was so much amazing content to the Land of Giants and I think that you managed to make your vision a reality in such a vivid way that you should be incredibly proud of what you achieved.  So thank you.  You have very broad shoulders to deliver such a show and on top of that I believe that you have helped Northern Ireland with its journey forwards.

Will Chamberlain, Land of Giants Consortium

It was the most moving occasion I have witnessed in my professional life… the connection with the audience, who were absolutely spellbound, was quite astonishing. You rarely experience that sense of the community coming together, of all ages and backgrounds. It was unexpected. I don’t think the people of Preston could think that something quite so extraordinary could happen in their city.

Stella Hall, Preston Guild Director