HALF LIFE NVA / National Theatre of Scotland

Directed by Mark Murphy
Performers: Christine Entwhisle, Eric Maclennan, Alexandra Harrison & Joseph Traynor
Lighting Designer: Phil Supple
Commissioned by The National Theatre of Scotland


A daringly staged work of theatre with remarkable stunt work. Fearsome and capably realised.

Financial Times

The beauty of this affecting, one hour performance is that it avoids a naturalistic or explanatory approach…rather, the superb cast give voice to a poetic script which is often constructed like a musical score. This theatre performance offers a truly profound context in which to consider the meaning of a fascinating landscape.

Sunday Herald

Extraordinary…the play avoids the pitfalls of a too literal comment upon bereavement and death, instead treating us to the spectacle of a poetic drama…creating a powerful connection between our experience of loss in the modern world and the very different philosophy of death embedded in the landscape of the glen.

The Daily Telegraph

Half Life was a remarkable day and night-time performance that celebrated the extraordinarily rich heritage of Mid Argyll – a landscape which has a remarkable story to tell through thousands of years of intense ritual marking of living rock formations.

An audience were transported to a forest for an outdoor production, above the ancient glen of Kilmartin, the birthplace of Scotland. Here they entered a set constructed out of hundreds of cut logs set within the atmospheric forest landscape. This extraordinary show ran for 12 nights.